About Us

ELSYS is a Bulgarian computer company, founded in 1991. The activities of the company are in the field of computer sales, warranty and post warranty maintenance, computer consulting and engineering, Internet services and communications and software development and implementation.
General Manager of the company is Mr. Hristo Hristov.
From the very beginning ELSYS is an IBM PC authorised reseller for PC. In 1999 the company became IBM and LOTUS business partner for software. ELSYS is also authorised reseller of 3COM, CISCO, APC, REICHLE&DeMASSARI, MICROSOFT, NOVELL, SAFENET, Algorithmic Research and ERACOM products.

Company employees have passed training courses of the following companies: IBM, LOTUS, MICROSOFT, 3COM, CISCO and REICHLE&DeMASSARI.

Our major activity it the sales and support of IBM PC, Servers and RS/6000 machines. We started that business at 1991 after becoming IBM Business Partner for PC and RS/6000. Our major customers are :

  • Bulgarian National Bank
  • Commercial Bank "BIOCHIM"
  • SSB Bank
  • First East International Bank
  • Balkan Star - Representative office of Mercedes in Bulgaria
  • Hilti Bulgaria
  • Dow Chemical
  • Dow Elanco
  • Frantz Weltz
  • State Fund "Agriculture"
ELSYS has established service centres throughout the country in order to help the warranty and post warranty service of the products it delivers to its customers in the country. In Sofia, the company has a service shop equipped with all necessary test equipment for fast and reliable diagnosis of the hardware problems.
Our company has system engineers trained and with very good experience of installation and support of IBM Servers with variety of operating systems - AIX 4,3 AIX 5,1; WINDOWS NT, 2000 and XP, OS/2 LAN Server and Communication Manager

ELSYS has very good experience in planning, design and installation of Computer Cabling Systems. It started in 1992 with the first projects in the branches of Biochim Bank after the certification of three ELSYS employees from IBM ACS. We continued to develop this business later on with Reichle&DeMassari, former IBM OEM provider of components for computer and telephone cabling systems. Every year ELSYS specialists pass recertification exams for planners and installers. Our major clients for installation of cabling systems are:
  • Bulgarian National Bank - cabling system in the main building with over 1000 outlets designed and installed during the last 4 years. Additional projects include telephony and fibre optics installations.
  • SSB Bank - cabling systems with about 1200 double outlets in the branches and the computing centre.
  • Ministry of Finance - Computer cabling systems in 80 tax and customs offices throughout the country with 1300 outlets.
  • Commercial Bank "BIOCHIM" - cabling system with 400 outlets in their central building and a number of small projects in their branches.
  • Injstroi (building company) - cabling system with 300 outlets.
Most of installation works of these projects are done during off time without interrupting the normal work of our clients.

From 1998 the company started to develop software applications related to Internet. Being and Internet Service Provider (ISP), ELSYS has changed to a fast growing company providing complex software services and Internet solutions to its customers.
ELSYS has experience in programming. We have developed a LOTUS based application for the management of short and long term loans for the biggest fund in Bulgaria - State Fund "Agriculture". ELSYS maintains there communication network and provides the system support. Our programmers have experience in LOTUS applications and C++ programming.
- Programmers - 6
o Experience in C++ - 3
§ project - Real Estate Borse through Internet
§ Project - Restourant Ordering and Billing System , implemented in two fast-food restaurants.
o Experience in LOTUS NOTES
§ Document Processing system for Farmers Loans developed for State Fund "Agriculture" and its branches in Bulgaria.
ELSYS has been approved by IBM Software Outsourcing Division for services in Lotus Notes.

IT Security Profile
In 2002 ELSYS has decided to start working in the field of IT Security. From 2002 we signed a contract with CYLINK corp. as Channel Partner of for Bulgaria. CYLINK is an American company manufacturer of Link Encryption Devices and VPN solutions. Now it is owned by SAFENET Corp., one of the biggest producer of security chips in the world (http://www.safenet-inc.com/). From the beginning of 2003, we are Safenet Partner for Bulgaria. VPN solutions from CYLINK we have implemented in the RING network ( Real Time Gross Settlement System - project in the National Bank with participants - all commercial banks and financial institutions in Bulgaria. Another project running is implementation of VPN system in the Ministry of Justice.
Other activities in the field of IT Security comprise:
- Contract for Distributor for Bulgaria with Algorithmic Research Ltd., (www.arx.com) an Israel Company producer of PKI solution and HSM devices Their product "CoSign" is very successful PKI solution ready for companies with up to 5000 employees.
- Contract for Distributor for Bulgaria and Macedonia with ERACOM (www.eracom-tech.com) , a producer of HSM devices for financial institution. The company is one of the pioneers in IT security.
The experience of ELSYS in the different fields of IT sector allowed us to manage complicated projects that include delivery and installation of systems, cabling design and installation, communication design and installation, final tuning of the whole complex and system support during the warranty period and post warranty services.

The project that included all the above elements was RINGS (Real Time Gross Settlement System of Bulgarian National Bank) in which ELSYS was chosen to be a subcontractor for the hardware ( servers, communication and system support ) by the American company - MONTRAN Corp., the contractor for the development of the application software.
Similar projects are:
- Rollout of 4500 IBM workstations and 350 servers in the offices of the Ministry of Finance in Bulgaria, as well as the installation of 80 cabling systems.
- Rollout, installation and tuning of all PCs and Servers delivered from IBM to SSB Bank from 1993 year and the service support for the warranty period at client site
- Rollout, installation and tuning of IBM Servers delivered from IBM to the traffic police.

In March 2002, ELSYS has been ISO 9001:2000 certified for all of its activities by AFAQ-ACSERT .

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