Information Security

Elsys Ltd. is working on the IT security area helping some of the biggest Bulgarian companies and institutions to solve their IT security problems. The company is a local partner of 4 of the biggest world-class security companies - SafeNet Inc, Eracom, Algorithmic Research and Barracuda Networks. Elsys covers securing the information in its whole life-cycle - from authentication of users and digital signing to secure and encrypted data transmission.

Elsys is SafeNet Channel partner for Bulgaria.
SafeNet (Nasdaq: SFNT), a leading provider of private and public network security solutions since 1983, is ushering in a new era in security technology as the single source vendor for WAN, IPSec VPN, SSL VPN, PKI Deployment, and Digital Rights Management. Headquartered in the Baltimore, MD area, SafeNet has more than 21 years of experience in developing, deploying, and managing network security systems for the most security-conscious government, financial institutions, and large enterprises around the world. SafeNet is the market leader in several critical security technologies including: the de facto standard in remote access client software; USB authentication tokens that eliminate user names and passwords; SSL acceleration devices that provide fast and secure online transactions; software security and licensing products that prevent software piracy; and high assurance security products used by the U.S. government for applications in the Department of Defense, the National Security Agency, and the Department of Homeland Security.
In addition, SafeNet's SecureIP TechnologyTM, which is available in different form factors such as software, silicon, accelerator cards, network appliances, and intellectual property, has been licensed to a large number leading Internet infrastructure manufacturers, service providers, and security vendors.
With the recent acquisition of Rainbow Technologies, SafeNet has become a global security powerhouse offering the most comprehensive product lines in security technology. SafeNet is now selling a complete and comprehensive set of security solutions to a broad customer set including government, large financial institutions, mid-sized firms, OEMs, and individual consumers. SafeNet supports more than 5,000 customers, with distribution channels extending across more than 100 countries.

Barracuda Networks manufactures the Barracuda Spam Firewall family, the most trusted spam-blocking networking devices for small and large companies. The Barracuda Spam Firewall handles a massive amount of email, over 10 million messages a day, without bogging down your email servers. It also filters out viruses at the same time. We invite you to learn more about why corporations worldwide have made the reliable and maintenance free Barracuda Spam Firewall the most trusted solution for spam-blocking. Call Elsys to learn more.

Elsys is VAR for Bulgaria and Macedonia of the products and solutions of Eracom Technologies.
For more than twenty years Eracom Technologies has been a leading developer and global supplier of no-compromise cryptographic based IT security products and solutions.
As an industry pioneer, Eracom has developed cryptographic technologies and Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) which are internationally recognized and have obtained major certifications including FIPS 140-I Level 3 validation. Eracom HSMs work seamlessly with Windows, Unix/Linux, and Solaris platforms and support a wide range of APIs including PKCS#11, Microsoft CryptoAPI, and Java JCA/JCE.
Eracom design, develop and supply cryptographic hardware and software products to support applications including automatic teller machines (ATMs), electronic fund transfer (EFT), Point of Sale (POS), Internet and phone banking, secure electronic transactions, online payment systems, card management systems, branch networks, Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) elements, identity management and access control, protection of privacy and sensitive data.
A key player in the IT security industry, Eracom provides highly scalable, reliable and strong solutions to meet the most stringent security requirements for confidentiality, authentication, integrity and non-repudiation. Eracom serves a wide range of industries around the world including banking, finance, governments, telecommunications and other high-tech industries.

Elsys is distributor of the whole product range of Algorithmic Research Inc. (AR) Founded in 1987, AR is a worldwide provider of digital signature and data-security solutions for financial, commercial, legal, and governmental sectors. AR offers a wide range of high-end, state-of-the-art products and services designed to simplify, seal, secure, and accelerate electronic transactions anytime, anywhere. The company specializes in designing and implementing easy to use, simple to deploy, digital signature and security solutions, combining software and hardware products, for small, medium and large computing environments.
AR's products deliver all aspects of digital signatures, authentication and, encryption products and services.

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